Invenergy’s Founder and CEO Michael Polsky was featured on the latest episode of the University of Chicago’s “Big Brains” podcast as the show’s first alumnus guest. "Big Brains" features leaders from various fields, their personal stories, and their groundbreaking ideas. Michael sat down with Paul Rand, Vice President of Communications at the University, to discuss his journey as “an entrepreneur, renewable energy pioneer, philanthropist and new venture guru.”

“To be an entrepreneur and innovator isn’t necessarily to invent something new that did not exist before; sometimes, it’s just to do things better than other people are already doing them. It could be a small change."

Michael describes how, as a refugee from Soviet Ukraine, his education as an engineer helped him succeed despite coming to the United States speaking no English. With technical knowledge and skills, he gained admission to business school at the University of Chicago.

When he started out, the idea of entrepreneurship wasn’t as popular as today. But his unwavering passion for the energy industry and his drive to explore more innovative ideas pushed him to pursue starting his own company. Today, he is leading Invenergy—his third company—toward building a renewable energy future.

"I really believe the future of this country and around the world is renewable energy. It's a question of when we're going to get there, it's not a question of whether we're going to get there. We'll get there."

Want to hear more about Michael’s journey as an immigrant and entrepreneur, his outlook on the future of energy, and the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation?

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