Invenergy Bike Brigade in front of the mountains of Freemont Pass. From L or R: Reid Pletcher, Patrick Caldwell, Julia Kimmerly, Jack Colelli, and Michael “Sved” Svedeman. 

Every year, scores of bikers wind their way through the Rocky Mountains during the Copper Triangle bicycle ride. The event is not only a staple of Colorado culture, but it has also become a tradition for colleagues at Invenergy’s Denver office as well. This past August, Invenergy participants—whose experience levels range from weekend joyriders to former Olympians—conquered the 79-mile course that features a total elevation gain of 6,500 feet.

A quick stop to admire a substation—and to check out the back of the custom Invenergy jerseys designed by Michael Svedeman.

“Sometimes we call ourselves the ‘Bike Brigade’,” said Julia Kimmerly, Senior Manager, Renewable Development, one of the five team members who took part in this year’s ride. “This past spring, we decided to do training rides together on the weekends. I’d say we get out once a month with a good Invenergy crew.” Bicycling has proven to be a great way for colleagues to get to know one another and interact with team members who they may not work with daily.

“The dedication and perseverance that is so common among Invenergy employees lends itself well to endurance sports,” Julia added.

The Copper Triangle ride was a special one for the Bike Brigade. The course begins and ends at the Copper Mountain Resort and winds its way through three mountain passes: Freemont Pass, Tennessee Pass, and Vail Pass. There are also several historic mining outposts located throughout the route as well as Camp Hale, an old U.S. Army training facility used in World War II.

Julia Kimmerly and Michael Svedeman enjoying the views.

“Rolling through the Rockies, it’s hard not to have your breath taken away—and not just because you’re climbing up an 8% grade at 11,000 feet!” Julia said. The particularly stunning scenery also allowed Julia to reflect on her role in building a sustainable world. “Getting up into the mountains helps me remember the importance of our work in providing renewable energy that positively impacts this amazing world,” she said.

Invenergy’s Olympic Athletes Patrick Caldwell (front) and Reid Pletcher.