Invenergy’s Veterans Continue Service by Solving Energy ChallengesAt Invenergy, veterans are not just valued for enriching the communities where we all live and work, but they are a large part of who we are as an organization. Their skills, backgrounds, and relentless commitment are renowned and needed for a variety of roles across the organization.

As we celebrate Veterans Day and recognize all those among us who have sacrificed through service in uniform to the United States, we caught up with Dan Smith, a Navy veteran and operations & maintenance technician at our Hardee natural gas plant in Florida. Dan has worked for Invenergy at Hardee since 2007.

“After I graduated from high school, I went into the Navy and was trained as a nuclear propulsion mechanic. I was assigned to the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier where I was further trained in water chemistry and radiation controls,” he shares. “My training with the military qualified me for the position I have now at Hardee. Military training teaches you to pay attention to detail. For instance, every ten weeks, we rotate into a two-week cycle of maintenance on the plant, and it’s crucial to make sure you’re not overlooking things that are necessary in effectively operating the plant.”

“Without you, Invenergy would be a different company. You represent the values we look for in great employees – hard work, dedication, problem solving and a focus on our mission. We know that when we hire veterans, we hire high-quality individuals.”
– Michael Polsky, Veterans Day, 2015

At Invenergy, safety is paramount to our daily operations, and we take seriously our commitment to ensuring that all team members are protected at all times. However, unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters can present challenges beyond our control. In September, the Hardee plant was in the path of Hurricane Irma and our on-site team found themselves prepping, with little time, for a potentially dangerous situation. Our veterans like Dan help to bring order during high-stress moments. They remain calm and responsive, and understand protocol needed to get through any ambiguity.

“The storm was scheduled to hit Sunday through Monday, and we knew we had to be prepared. We came to the plant on Saturday afternoon and did a walk-through to check for anything that could be damaged by the hurricane or may become a hazard due to the strong wind. We came across an enclosed trailer we have on the plant site. We knew it wouldn’t be secure in the path of the hurricane and made sure to move it to a protected location and secure it down to prevent it from becoming airborne or damaged. Making sure you’re ready in these situations is key, and we all work well together as a team—we don’t get too excited, just prepared!”

Thankfully for us, Dan is just one of many veteran men and women whose hard work and dedication to quality help support the success of our business. Veterans greatly enhance our workplace, and we are committed to bringing more to the team.

In August 2017, we launched the Invenergy Veterans Network, an internal networking group for all employees to assist our Human Resources in recruiting top talent, to extend outreach to the communities where we operate, and to support existing veteran employees. We support veterans through recruitment campaigns at Fort Hood in Texas and Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois, and we also sponsor local American Legions and Veterans of Foreign Wars in our host communities.

And as an organization, we are continuing our long-standing commitment to have veterans represent at least 10% of our new hires. In 2017, 13% of our new hires have been veterans, and we currently have 112 veterans across our U.S. offices and fleet.

Not just today, but every day, we thank the men and women who have given so much for our freedom. We thank those who fought, and those who still fight, to keep our country safe.