Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

With deep technical expertise and an independent approach, Invenergy provides solutions designed around customers’ highest-value energy needs.

Energy in Your Hands

Commercial energy users are navigating more options than ever to save costs, ensure reliability and maximize sustainability. Invenergy’s integrated solutions begin with these goals in mind.

Cost Effective

Save on electric bills


Reduce downtime


Reduce carbon footprint

The Invenergy Advantage

Our in-house engineering, operations and financial experts translate energy innovation into customer value. We combine the best available generation, storage and control technologies with our industry-leading integration and operations platforms. And we deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs, not tied to any particular product or service.

Capital Efficient

Minimize cap-ex


One contract for everything


Aligned with your interests

End-to-End Process for Turnkey Energy Solutions

Working with customers through a three-step process, Invenergy assesses, designs and optimizes turnkey solutions that deliver long-term value. Learn more about each step below.

System Design & Optimization

  • Customer specific information, including load profile, goals, operational constraints
  • General market information, including renewable resource, utility tariffs, available incentives
  • Proprietary Invenergy information, including hardware costs, performance specifications, dispatch methodologies


Economic Analysis

  • Combines input data with economic modelling engine
  • Chooses solutions that maximize savings (or other goals)
  • Outputs expected savings and system cost for each site

Opportunity Estimation

  • Per site opportunity to reduce cost, increase sustainability and / or increase resilience
  • Potential to further augment per site opportunity with portfolio optimization across sites

Labelled Invenergy Site Design Plan for Commercial Customer

Invenergy Site Design Plan for Commercial Customer

System Design & Optimization

  • Designed to meet any customer's specific goals: cost, resiliency, etc.

Procurement of Key Components

  • Utilize strategic supply channels in place for utility scale business


  • Energy user spends $0 of capex for system to be installed


  • In-house engineers collaborate with top tier consultants to ensure systems are designed to perfection

Construction Management

  • Oversee construction activities to ensure adherence to timeline and budget with minimal disruption to customer’s site

Installation of (Invenergy-Designed and Built) 2MWh Containerized Battery Storage System at Invenergy Site in Iowa

Installation of (Invenergy-Designed and Built) 4 MWh Containerized Battery Storage System at Invenergy Site in Iowa

Market Interaction

  • Participate in wholesale power markets
  • New revenues from solutions can decrease cost for energy users

24/7 Operating & Maintenance

  • 100% up-time and communication with markets for energy solutions
  • Maintenance and repairs to be scheduled and dispatched based on analytics from control center

Savings & Sustainability Reporting

  • Cost savings analysis utilized to improve performance and identify other opportunities for savings
  • Sustainability metrics becoming a key marketing tool and brand differentiator

24/7 State-of-the-Art Invenergy Control Center in Downtown Chicago, IL

24/7 State-of-the-Art Invenergy Control Center in Downtown Chicago, IL

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